Balcony & garden flowers

Biwi Bio-Pellets for balcony flower boxes and gardens are made from local cattle manure. Due to the anaerobic fermentation process, the nutrients have a time-delayed but long-term effect. You will get thriving flower beds with sustained growth – both in window flower boxes and in garden beds. Easy to transport, absolutely odorless, and non-smearing. Just work them into the soil– and you're finished! Biwi Bio-Pellets work like a charm!    


When planting
35 g
After 4-6 weeks
30 g
After 8-12 weeks
25 g
The pellets are applied in quantities of grams per running meter of window box.

The intensity of subsequent fertilization depends upon the type of plant and the desired degree of blooming. Crumbling the pellets before application guarantees a more-uniform distribution.

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