The first natural CO2 source
Biogenic carbon dioxide from the heart of the Alps
An important contribution to the environment

Biogenic carbon dioxide in food grade

This gas is colorless, odorless, tasteless, and non-flammable but is employed in environmentally neutral ways in the most-varied industrial areas and in households. Thanks to the use of the latest technologies, the highly purified liquefied carbon dioxide derived from the biogas fulfills the quality standards of international beverage and food manufacturers. The possible applications of highly purified, liquefied CO2 range from the production of carbonated soft drinks, the enrichment of the air in greenhouses to accelerate photosynthesis, all the way up to the production of dry ice.

Beverage industry additive and carbon dioxide
Food sector
Water treatment pH value neutralization
Plant husbandry Supporting photosynthesis
Cooling freight Dry ice as a natural coolant
Wine production cold maceration, and oxidation protection
Natural & innovativ

Carbon dioxide from here

Nowadays, the term “CO2” is familiar to all, but not chiefly in a positive sense.

High-purity CO2 in liquid form is used daily in the winery industry and the food industry. Until now, one was forced to choose between the environmentally harmful, chemically produced CO2 from Italy or from fossil sources in Hungary.

With the first natural CO2 source in the Alpine region, Biogas Wipptal has simplified this decision.

In the future, CO2 from ammonia production or long environmentally damaging transports can be dispensed with. Biogas Wipptal has thus not only helped all CO2-processing companies in the region to gain a competitive advantage, but has also made an important contribution to the environment.



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