Sustainable and innovative material cycles for a brighter, greener future
New water
50 million liters of water – the annual consumption of an entire village.
Organic fertilizers – derived from organic wastes
For roughly a third of the fruit orchards under cultivation in South Tyrol. Agriculture supporting agriculture.
Biogenic carbon dioxide
From the heart of the Alps – for a billion liters of mineral water.
Organic methane derived from regenerated waste
For 16 million kilometers of driving utility vehicles with a neutral CO2 balance.

Fertilizer: chemical or organic?

Nutrition for our plants In addition to light and water, plants also need different nutrients, minerals and trace elements to grow. It is rare to find soils that contain enough nutrients, and plants need them in different quantities. Therefore, the...

Visit of a delegation of “Confagricoltura”Mantova

A delegation from “Confagricoltura Mantova”, consisting of 30 people including managers, members and farmers, visited the biogas plant on Wednesday, 19 October 2021. The participants were offered an interesting and instructive tour of the facility. On this occasion, those present...

Climate Conference COP26 in Glasgow – Online Event

In the course of the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow, there was an online event on Friday, 05.11.2021 about the market situation in Europe with regard to bio-methane and hydrogen. In this context, we are pleased that the Italian biogas...
Our vision

Why biogas plants are important

Biogas installations are important for local agricultural undertakings. These plants process solid livestock waste and liquid manure by means of fermentation technology to yield high-quality fertilizer. This helps reduce the over-fertilization of farmland and protects our groundwater resources.


LIFE Optimal2012

The main goals of the LIFE-OPTIMAL 2012 Project is the demonstration of an innovative approach for the handling of the manure produced by livestock farming.

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