We are looking for farmers with a vision for the future.

Our company is more committed than ever to environmental protection. In this regard, meadowland farming enjoys a special focus, and animal husbandry operations are facing new challenges. An agricultural undertaking that supplies our biogas plant with solid livestock waste and liquid manure will receive back as much fertilizer – in the form of fermented residues – as needed to fertilize its land. This not only enables farmers to reduce their storage capacity – the concentrated fertilizer produced in our plant is much less odiferous and is of extremely high quality.

The advantages in detail:

  • Homogeneous material (uniform consistency and potency)
  • Lower odors (up to 80% reduction)
  • Lower weed growth
  • Liquid form facilitates distribution
  • Faster penetration of the nutrients which are thus more quickly accessible to the plants
  • Reduced contamination of the grass
  • More-rapid growth
  • Reduced leaching into the groundwater
  • Lower greenhouse gas emissions (CO2, CH4, N2O)
  • When directly applied to the soil (Drag Hose – Slit Shoe distribution), also lower emissions of ammonia (NH3) into the atmosphere
  • Improves Work Safety because the fermentation residue is free of slimy and slippery substances which could result in vehicles slipping and tumbling on steep grades
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