Biwi Bio-Pellets for balcony flower boxes and gardens are made from local cattle manure. Due to the anaerobic fermentation process, the nutrients have a time-delayed but long-term effect. You will get thriving flower beds with sustained growth – both in window flower boxes and in garden beds. Easy to transport, absolutely odorless, and non-smearing. Just work them into the soil– and you’re finished! Biwi Bio-Pellets work like a charm!



Biwi Bio-Pellets for fruit and vegetable gardens ensure a delayed-action but long-term fertilizing effect. They are made by the fermentation of pure cattle manure in the Wipptal biogas plant. The release of nutrients keeps pace with the changing needs of the vegetables or fruits as they grow. This guarantees the optimal supply of nutrients for healthy, thriving, and delicious fruits and vegetables. Just work them into the soil– and you’re finished! Absolutely odorless as well as free of weed seeds and pests.

The optimal solution for professional horticulturalists, fruit-growers, and vintners. Both annuals and perennials benefit from the long-term fertilizing effect of the Biwi Bio-Pellets. These pellets are absolutely suitable for sprinkling and spreading and are thus especially easy to apply. They improve the soil structure and prevent the leeching-out of the nutrients since the nutrients are made available only when the plants need them.

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