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WICON concentrate from South Tyrol

Liquid concentrated fertilizer from the biogas plant is a quick-acting, concentrated fertilizer that is applied and worked into the soil using special machinery. It is odorless, does not burn the turf, and is entirely free of slimy components. It has a solids content of about 10% and can be simply applied using slurry tanks or directly by attaching an extension hose to the 1,000-liter Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC). If approved by expert consultants, it can also be easily applied via drip irrigation.

  • not adhesive
  • Free of weed seeds
  • does not corrode

The new regional long-term organic fertilizer – liquid concentrate derived from fermented wastes (biogas wastes)

WICON is a liquid concentrate derived from fermented wastes (biogas wastes)
The organic-mineral nitrogen replaces ammoniacal nitrogen and urea. This organic concentrate is derived from renewable sources – i.e., the concentrated residues of liquid anaerobic fermentation in a biogas plant. The liquid is concentrated exclusively by means of mechanical reverse-osmosis membrane filtration – without the use of chemicals.
Available in 1,000-kg IBC tanks

Description of the plant, products and instructions for fertilization here!

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